Published: 15th April 2016
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Chapter 1: What is Web Analytics?
Chapter 2: Business Analysis
Chapter 3: KPI and Planning
Chapter 4: Designing a Blueprint for Web Analytics
Chapter 5: Analyzing Trends
Chapter 6: Analyzing Referrers
Chapter 7: Analyzing Content
Chapter 8: Web Analytics, Proposals and Reports

It is the only official textbook corresponding to Associate Web Analytics Consultants Certification Course.
The role of Web Analytics Consultants is to lead business success.
Web Analytics Consultants use web analytics skills as the basis of web marketing solutions.
The new textbook puts more focus on business analysis, KPIs & business planning.
Of course, you can learn basic web analytics terms and skills as in the previous versions.
Experience plenty of web analytics know-how in the text with 300 pages.
From January 2016, we start the new curriculum based on this official text.

Points of the New Text "Web Analytics Consultant Associate Certification 2016 (7th Edition)"

Easier to Read
Bigger and more readable fonts
More figures for easier understandings

Lots of Exercises and Answers with Explanation
More than 100 Questions for certification exam preparation
Explanations for exercise and answers at the end of the book

Additional Contents on Chapter 2 "Business Analysis"
More contents on business analysis
Business analysis is crucial for web analytics
Essential contents for business analysis like "Communication Design" and "Macro Analysis"

Additiaonal Contents on Chapter 3 "KPI and planning"
How to set KPIs from goals of business
KPIs for e-commerce websites and lead generation websites

Additional Analytics Targets up to Date
Additinal Contents for Chapter 4 "Design a Blueprint for Web Analytics"
Multi-device analysis
Online/offline data import
"Internet of Things"

Many Other Topics
Spotlight content like "Delivery Quality" and "Information Quality" of websites
Many other trending topics

New Chapter "Web Analytics, Proposals and Reports"
Learn "Logical Thinking" useful beyond web analytics

More Keywords in Index
More than 200 words are registered in Index
Easy access to definition of web analytics terms
Helpful also for already-certified-web-analytics-consultants

Written by more than 40 Professionals
More than 40 professionals wrote on each topic
High quality and high credibility

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Shipping Fee: JPY500 (Up to 2 books)
#Our Free Shipping Offer Is Going on!!
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